HIJO Floating Gadget

HIJO Floating Gadget

Version 1.0 for Windows 7 / XP

A Semi-Transparent Logo Display Programs

A simple way to display your logo over the presentation or product demonstration.

  • Supported logo format .BMP, .JPG and .PNG with alpha channel transparency.
  • Resize Logo can be resized and positioned on the screen.
  • Opacity Opacity of the logo can be adjuest from opaque to transparent in percent in 10 % incremental step.
  • Fade on Mouse Over You can set the logo to fade when mouse currsor over the logo to prevent obstruction of the programs underneath.
  • Click Through You can click the object under the item under the logo through it without have to move the logo or hide it.

Instruction - First use

On first run the program will display as a small icon in the notification area please Right Click -> Picture -> Browse... to select your logo then click Resize to adjuest the size and position the logo as you wish.

Version 1.0 build 24255