Puppy Run 2

Beagle World

Version 2.0 for Android

Help the little beagle dog run, jump and slide through various obstacles and collect coins, bones and steaks in the big city. Fantastic game for kids and everyone in the family. especially family with dog or other pets.


  • Running adventure arcade style - staring a famous beagle dog.
  • Simple controls - Jump and Slide button controls.
  • Jump in the air to preform a double jump.
  • Powerful booster - Magnetic Dog Skateboard and Powerful Dog Jetpack.
  • Save your progress in the cloud with Google Play Games.
  • Compare your high score with your friend and other player with Leaderboards feature.
  • 20 exciting levels in single-player mode, 8 multiplayer dedicated levels (randomly selected).

New feature in version 2.0

  • Multiplayer - Run with your friend around the world !, Up to 4 players in multiplayer mode. (required google play sign-in.)
  • Pet Shop - Use collected coin to decorate you puppy, New pets, collars and cloths are available.
  • New Map - WALK IN A PARK maps featuring 10 all new exciting levels.
  • 20 levels in single player mode plus 8 multiplayer levels.